Tuesday, October 17, 2006

This week (so far) in pictures

Pajama party! We celebrated Brian's Grandma's birthday party on Saturday! She turns NINETY THREE today! We had a great time and we were able to visit with Brian's sister and her family from Indianapolis. Here's a picture of the three grandkids in the pj's.


She's a very clever woman. Very.

Anna and I. We had a girls afternoon out after church on Sunday. We had lunch and we went shopping.

My boy.

My girl. We celebrated my nephew's birhtday, who turned 11 on Sunday. Lots of birthdays!

Our old entertainment center. I can hardly bear to look at it. We bought it just over four years ago. We had purchased the TV, it was in the car when we realized we didn't have anything to put it on, so we ran to Target and bought this. I HATE IT. but now it's gone.

In the presence of perfection. I LOVE IT!! Brian worked hard all night. We rearranged the living room and it feels so good. Very feng shui. We finished just in time to watch the Bears come back. It was awesome!

Goofy, goofy children. How can you not love kids???

In their new slippers. They both sleep in them. It's very cute.

The house of Fletcher in the fall. We are looking at new front doors tonight! Posted by Picasa


  • At 10/17/2006 05:58:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    wow 93.. That's great. Amazing in fact. your children are adorable as usual. I love the one in the grass skirts.

  • At 10/17/2006 07:18:00 PM, Blogger elisa said…

    That lady looks amazing for 93! My husband's grandfather is 92 and looks MUCH different than she does and there is no way he'd be mixing it up and saying he was 29. LOL

    Love the pictures! Awesome as always. I think your house looks nice. My husband would be pea green with envy over that garage to the right. LOL

  • At 10/18/2006 11:50:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    So I did a double take at the first picture--who's that grown up red head between your kids??? Oh, it's my daughter. So Grown up!! Not as grown up as Great Grandma, but too grown up for me!! Seriuosly, have you ever seen a 93 yr old more photogenic???

  • At 10/19/2006 02:42:00 PM, Blogger Jenn said…

    Happy Birthday to Great-Grandma! She looks great! And so do you! The new TV looks at home in your newly arranged room. WTG Brian - it looks fabulous.

    um, about your home decor... I love it! I should hire you as my designer. Our color preferences are similar. I just got the same curtain rods with curly finials in brushed nickel. I was looking for sage color panels, but ended up with some red ones for winter/holidays. I saw and wanted the "Live Well" sign too, but didn't have some place to hang it yet. We must shop at some of the same places!

    The kids are looking so very cute. And the house looks ready for fall and all those trick-or-treaters!


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