Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Building an ark

I swear it's time to build one. It will NOT stop raining and I am so tired of it. We can't even mow the lawn for love the of God. Throughout the rain, we have had birthday parties and family reunions. A very busy weekend. This Thursday, I am hosting a Pampered Chef fundraiser party. I am very excited. Currently I am expecting roughly 15 people, perhaps 20. I have had many items donated to raffle off, I can not wait. The details may kill me first. The food. The drinks. The seating. The baskets to be raffled off. The information about
Friends of Allie. ETC ETC ETC. Not to mention cleaning the house and MAYBE, just maybe, mowing the freakin' lawn. If it stops raining. I type that as I listen to the rain drops hitting the ground. faster and faster.

This morning, Noah and I took my big girl Anna to preschool. I was excited because it was going to be just Noah and I at home, I had so much to do, I knew this would be a great oppurtunity to get something done. But, Noah had other plans. He has never been so needy. Typically Noah will play with every toy around the house and really focus and enjoy himself, I don't know why he was so different today, I know he was tired, but man I was going to go CRAZY. But I didn't. I am here and I am okay. :-)

I've attached some pictures for you...taken today. Today at preschool Anna made a cheerio necklace. (the fruity Cheerios, my kids love them!) In the car she was wearing it and telling me how she did it all by herself and Noah starting to cry "where is my necklace? I want a necklace." Well, knowing we had the same cereal at home, I told him I would make him one...see what happens below.

Anna posing before leaving for her second day of preschool. Noah looks so sleepy and cute.

Noah starting to eat his necklace.

I'm not sure what Anna is doing here, but Noah is definitely still eating his necklace.

Yep, still eating

"Yum. This is good, Mama" He said this about 8 times while eating his necklace. Definitely his Daddy's boy.

Telling her Dad about her day at preschool. The last picture taken of her necklace. before it was eaten. I should consider feeding my children, apparently. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Preschool is a hit!

Anna loves preschool. She really enjoyed herself. She talked about the songs they sang, the crafts, the prayers and Mrs. Snow. She loves her. Tonight she kept pretending that I was Mrs. Snow, while she would walk into my room with her backpack on, and sometimes she was Mrs. Snow. She did great when we left the classroom, too. I was fully prepared for her to have a meltdown, but she didn't and I am so proud. (she's quite proud, too.)
Pictures as promised. We also had very severe storms last night. I've attached some pictures taken just before the storm and some pictures of the damage.

On her way to preschool!

Anna celebrating the fact that she wasn't crying when I left. Seriously, that is what she is doing! Mrs. Snow was laughing SO hard.


Taken in my front yard.

Here is a picture of Anna and Noah in the basement during a tornado warning. Completely unphased.

Screenshot of the radar and tornado warning.

Damage in the city where my parents live, about 12 miles from us. They believe a tornado did touch down. It's hard to believe they are even questioning it, trees like this were everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

My parent's front yard.

This scene was all over the city. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Before my eyes

Before our eyes we have raised a grown up. It happened so quickly I do not even know what to do. Anna starts preschool tomorrow. Yesterday, I took her for orientation to meet the teachers and meet some friends. Luckily, the room is the same room as her Sunday School and there are 3 students who were in her Sunday School class, so that is fortunate. Her teacher is wonderful and perfect. About 3 weeks ago I cut Anna's hair. I chopped at least 3 inches off and she now looks even older. I took her to get her bangs cut the other night and she now looks even older. And with a backpack and school clothes?? I can't hardly stand it. I am literally in disbelief. So, I am leaving you with these pictures of this divine, wonderful gift that is a my daughter. I'll be sure to report back tomorrow night with more pictures. Enjoy.



Trying on her new school clothes

A trim before school starts. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 19, 2006

I see London, I see France

So, my sister told me about this underwear. She said it's really comfortable and you do not see any underwear lines. It's also available at Target rather than Victoria Secret, which is a huge bonus. I bought some...this is what they look like. The pair in the middle. They are so tiny, but they stretch. Oh, believe me, THEY STRETCH. They're VERY comfortable. (Made by Hanes) The box of Crayons are in the picture to give you a size reference. The black underwear is from my personal collection of VS underwear. That's right. You're seeing my underwear.

My sister and I, side by side, after our mani/pedi specials. I have a story about my pedicure experience, (my first pedicure, by the way) But I'm too tired.

Mary Addison, looking as sweet as ever.

Mary Addison again

Ethan playing with his Aunt Bah

Simply Sweet Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 18, 2006


I have been away from my children for almost 36 hours. It's really hard. I used to think that being away got easier once you are away, it doesn't seem that way right now. Maybe it's because I am playing with Ethan or snuggling with Mary and it just makes me ache for my little ones. I've had some phone conversations with them and they make me very happy, but it's not the same as feeling their skin or smelling their hair. (the hair smell being Spongebob Squarepants Shampoo Pineapple Crush scent)

My four hour drive down here was great. I talked on the phone for the first 90 minutes--hands free, of course, and then I listened to music. Very loudly. It's amazing how listening to music can take you back to a different lifetime. For me, it brings me back to being married to Brian, going to concerts, sleeping in, going to bed late, playing on the computer, spending an entire Saturday cleaning, relaxing outside, going out with friends, working and not being able to wait until the weekend. The music brings back great memories and makes me think of that girl that sits in the depths of my soul. She's not gone, she's still there and she visited me yesterday, it was really good to see her again, but it was good to put her back. I hope she comes back out again on my way home.
I'm a much happier person now, then the girl I was back when I really had no worries. As frazzled as I feel right now, as unkept as my house feels, I have never felt such happiness within me. I can only hope that it continues to flourish throughout my life.

A decision has been made. We are not moving. Brian has accepted a new job in Chicago, so his commute remains, but his walk to the actual location in downtown Chicago is 20 blocks shorter. Can you imagine??? Not me. The company in Louisville talked to Brian today and said they just could not make a decision today, that they would need a few weeks. He's still one of the applicants, but he just had to take the other job for now. There is a SMALL chance that we could move and everything could change if an offer comes through, but I can't imagine putting Brian through that kind of stress right now. Maybe this just wasn't the time for us to move.

Anna starts school next week. I can't believe it.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I don't know.

I just do not know. Right now, our life feels like it's in limbo and I do not like it. But, soon we'll know something. Soon. Like Friday.

Tomorrow, I am leaving for Louisville to visit my sister and her precious little ones. I'm excited. But I'm going by myself and that makes me feel anxious and sad. I won't be back home until Sunday. The good news is that my sister and I are going to get mani's and pedi's, I get to spend time with my sister since she's currently a SAHM, I bought wine, and I'm happy to help. so, it will be a very positive experience. I just wish I could put Anna and Noah in my pocket and pull them out and hug and kiss on them every once in awhile. (okay...all of the time.) Before I know it, Sunday will be here and I'll be back home. By then we should know whether or not we will be packing our house up and moving away or if we will be staying put. I just want to know. Don't you?

Something bad happened today. I was doing 52 things at once, as usual. Making the kids grilled cheese, putting away groceries, and I was just about to put sheets in the washer that I had just purchased for the air mattress I'll be sleeping on this weekend. I had just put the sandwiches on the griddle when Anna said "I'll help you." I replied with a "no, Anna, I'm just going to take a second to make sandwiches, the counter is full of groceries, I do not need help." She proceeded to run towards the bathroom where her step stool exists. I yelled from the laundry room "Anna keep the stool in the bathroom, I do not need help!!" I paused for a second and read something on the front page of the newspaper that was sitting on the dryer about one of my old volleyball coaches. It was then that I heard crying, which is not unusual (at all) in my house, so I didn't necessarily run out of the room, but I did immediately head out. I thought it was Anna crying and she was crying hard. I walked into the kitchen and it was Noah. He was crying so hard and sort of bending over while holding his hands. It was then I noticed the fucking step stool in front of the fucking stove. The stove holding the fucking griddle. cooking. hot. Noah touched the griddle. I wanted to die. I knew how bad it hurt, burns suck and they hurt and they hurt and they fucking hurt. I just wanted to put ice on his hand but I couldn't quite tell where the burn was, so I just put ice everywhere, he hated it. He just wanted me to pick him up and hug him and that's what I wanted to do, too, but I knew he need cold on that burn. (I did hug him and hold him...he holds on so tight and cries so hard.) He finally let me hold his hand under cold water. I made a bowl of ice water and he played with it for about five minutes. It was then that the hunger hit him. I fed them lunch and he did fine, but after that everytime he put his hand on something he cried. He cried big fat tears and told me it hurt. I don't think I have ever felt so helpless as a mom. (yes I have) It was hard. I gave him tylenol. He's better, I think, but it was just so so sad.

And to think it would never have happened if Anna knew how to listen. It is now my mission to teach her. (I say, while attaching a cape to my neck and stretching my arms out in front of me, waiting to fly)

Oh great. I'm big bird.

It's surprisingly true.

You Are Big Bird
Talented, smart, and friendly... you're also one of the sanest people around.
You are usually feeling: Happy. From riding a unicycle to writing poetry, you have plenty of hobbies to keep you busy.
You are famous for: Being a friend to everyone. Even the grumpiest person gets along with you.
How you life your life: Joyfully. "Super. Duper. Flooper."

Monday, August 14, 2006

Anna's Fine

Thanks to everyone for their comments. They mean alot. The girl is fine, according to Dr. Love. (Dr. Ludwig, Anna just calls him Dr. Love.) He didn't really have a good explanation of why she continues to have low grade fevers, but they are just that...low grade. While we were there, we updated her on her vaccines. When she was younger she missed a dose of prevnar because they were out, so she got a shock (shot, Anna calls it a shock.) She was so very brave. It brought back memories of when she got her first set of shots at the age of 2 months. She's a big girl. Anna has grown 3/4 of an inch in less than 2 months. She's 39 1/2 inches tall. "A picture of health!"
I love her.

BUT. My kids were naughty and vicious today and didn't give me a break. They were messy and they fought & screamed and made me pull my hair out. I was going to go into detail about their naughtiness, but I seemed to have blocked everything out. Now, they're angels. because they are sleeping.

Enjoy the pictures from Lincoln Park Zoo.
(all pictures are unedited...please excuse.)

Chicago Skyline from the zoo.

Farm in the city.

Spongebob ice cream that stains hands, face and legs.

This was after working on the ice cream for 20 minutes. We ended up throwing the damn thing out.

On the Carousel.

On the train.
No pictures of Noah on the train because he didn't want anything to do with it.

An eager beaver wanting to entertain the crowds!

Noah waiting patiently for Anna to finish her drink.

Navy Pier.

The building on the left is where Brian will be working if he accepts the new job.

Lincoln Park Zoo. All parking lots full.
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