Friday, January 05, 2007

Midnight Moving

I'm not a big napper, I like to, occasionally, in the afternoons, rest my head on the throw pillow in my living room and lay down for 10 minutes. I then pop up and drink seven cups of coffee to get me through the rest of the day. My naps were much longer when my thyroid was low and when I was pregnant with #2. But sometimes, I accidentally lay on the bigger, more comfy couch, rather than the love seat. And sometimes, I even grab my throw and cover up my shivering shoulders. And sometimes, the nap then extends to an hour long "nights sleep" rather than a little cat nap.

That's what happened to me yesterday. I laid down at 2:55pm, after the kids went to bed and I cleaned up toys. At 4pm, the rain pouring down woke me from my slumber. I looked at the clock and was instantly irritated. I really need to start setting my baking timer to wake me. I'm opposed to big naps because they keep me from sleeping at night. Sure as day, I couldn't sleep.

After 90 minutes of tossing and turning, I must have fallen asleep at 1am. Then at TWO IN THE MORNING, I heard this low roaring sound coming from outside. It was constant, it almost sounded like a garbage truck idling in my lawn. I looked out and it was a moving truck at my neighbors house. At 2 in the morning. Who moves at 2 in the morning? (did I mention people were moving at 2 in the morning?) So, I was up again. Thinking about how I WAS sleeping and now I was NOT. Then I started to think about my neighbors. These neighbors moved in just after us, (it's a new subdivision) after a year we introduced ourselves and the mother and I instantly connected. She was pregnant with her second child. Her husband and my husband truly liked eachother. She had her second baby. We would go to dinner, host dinners for each other, we shared eggs and flour and spaghetti sauce. I'd go there at 10 in the evening and sit on her bed with her and we would share stories while our kids slept peacefully. We would have late night scrapbooking with a bottle of wine. The favors were endless. It seemed like we were constantly trying to find ways to do nice things for eachother. It was exhausting. The honeymoon ended and we just stopped talking. Although they lived almost directly across the street from us, we just didn't talk. We had a few ackward attempts to rekindle, but it just never worked. She gave birth to their child in October. And now they are gone. Laying in bed last night, I thought about how I still have her shirt in my closet, which I planned to dry clean for her.

Things weren't always so perfect with them. I always felt in competition with them. Always. And I hated it. (I never "competed in return" and I think that bothered them, or maybe it didn't. Who knows?) Although we "connected" we just never really fit together. Perhaps there were too many pieces of the puzzle to connect; if our kids got along, if our husbands got along, if she and I got along, etc. I'm excited about the new neighbor to join our neighborhood. I'm excited to not have that awkward wave driving by. Most of all, I'm excited to have a good night's rest tonight.

Seriously, who moves at 2 in the morning?

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  • At 1/05/2007 01:08:00 PM, Blogger Lynette said…

    Oh man, I wanted to be your neighbor! I missed the opportunity. What's up with the 2 am move? Strange. I am happy for you to get a fresh start with the new neighbors though. Just don't go scaring them away now, got it? HA!

  • At 1/05/2007 01:25:00 PM, Blogger Amy F. said…

    They were actually packing up the moving truck at 2 am? Very weird. Sounds as if they're running from something/someone in the middle of the night. What's REALLY up with these neighbors? Very "The Burbs" like (remember that movie? haha). Too bad it got so awkward between you all. Hope you get some good new neighbors.

  • At 1/05/2007 03:23:00 PM, Blogger Laurie & Chris said…

    That is a bit wierd to be moving at 2 am! I think I would have called the cop because of the noise. I glad they didn't wake your kids up. I bet you took a nap today:)

  • At 1/05/2007 05:31:00 PM, Blogger Tracy said…

    As everyone said WEIRD! I have a love hate relationship with naps. I love to take them, but I hate when I wake up irritated. I hope you have a better night sleep tonight.

  • At 1/05/2007 06:23:00 PM, Blogger Mich said…

    2 AM? Just like the episode of Close to Home last week!! Seriously! Are they really packed up and gone or did they leave anything weird like milk sitting on the table? I'm so curious.

    Didn't your last set of neighbors disappear quickly too?!??!

    Hope you get GOOD ONES this next time around!!!

  • At 1/05/2007 07:08:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    That is a little odd, to move at 2 a.m. Maybe they are fugitives!

  • At 1/05/2007 07:51:00 PM, Blogger elisa said…

    I wanna be your neighbor. Promise it wouldn't be awkward but I don't know that your hubby would like mine. Or maybe you wouldn't like *me* in real life. Who knows.

    In any case, that is definitely weird to be moving at 2 am.

  • At 1/06/2007 01:58:00 AM, Blogger Liza's Eyeview said…

    yep, we're kind of in the same situation...

    but your neighbors moved? at 2am? oh my!


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