Friday, March 31, 2006

Gym? Gym who?

I think I'm addicted to working out. I did not workout yesterday, although that was a planned day off, so needless to say, I really needed to go today, but Noah has a cold I didn't want to expose any children to it, even though that was probably where he got the cold, I just couldn't stand the thought of his nose running on all of the toys and markers. So, I called the gym and stayed home. I guess that is the only problem with my Matinee membership, it's not like I could go once Brian got home from work, that was the only time I could go. I am very much looking forward to going tomorrow. I feel like my muscles are deteriorating. What am I going to do when we go on vacation? Oh, I learned last night that lots of cruiselines have workout areas! Yes!
Today was a very stressful day. I stayed up late last night working on the
Friends of Allie Newsletter, past 1 am. Brian went to work late today, so I was able to sleep in. Then when I didn't go to the gym, I worked on the newsletter more, which is difficult with both of the kids being home. I just had so much on my plate today, not to mention a messy house. Things are so much better right now.
It has been really windy today, so windy. Of course, it's this windy on garbage day. I went to bring the garbage can and the recycle bin into the garage and they were gone. The recycle bin was two houses down, and these things aren't thin plastic containers. I couldn't see the garbage can, so when we left the house to go to the bank I drove down the street in the direction of the wind and found the garbage can, I never found the lid, though! As I drove around town I saw COUNTLESS garbage cans all over the streets.
Did you know this weekend we "spring" the clocks ahead one hour? I just found out an hour ago. How did I not know this information? Isn't it typically later in the month? I'm so confused.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006 this the Geriatric Yoga Class?

The gym ended my Beginner's Yoga Class. I had a three week warning, the last class was last week. The instructor told us we would be fine, that although it was a little more difficult and 25 minutes longer, we would all get through. Those words weren't that encouraging to me, really.

Today I had planned to attend the class and I was scared. I was quite sore from doing strength training the last two days and Noah was up quite a bit last night, so my muscles were mad and my mood needed adjusting, but because I scheduled day care and I did not want to do strength training three days in a row, I bit the bullet and headed to the class. Mind you--after every class I am sore. REALLY sore. Which to me means this shit is working. And I like that.

So, I drop the children off, put my purse and jacket in the locker room and head into the studio. And everyone was old. Not 50's old, friends. s-e-v-e-n-t-i-e-s and eighties. I was still frightened, but it made me feel a little better. It wasn't until halfway through that I thought "oh my God, is this a Geriatric Yoga Class?" I started to sweat at the thought, I quickly looked around and saw a man in his 50's and I thought, "he's not geriatric, I must be okay." But secretly I was still scared that I was intruding on their excercise class. Please do not get me wrong. I love old people, I swear I do. I would kill to be in a yoga class filled with my elders. They're nice, polite and non-judgemental. They don't care about what they have or don't have and they could care less about what you have or don't have. They're just happy to be alive. That's my kind of company.
So, about halfway through the class, we were stretching our legs using a strap, which is one of my favorite things to do. It was a similiar stretch to the picture, except our right legs were extending across our bodies, stretching to the left. So, here I am, stretching to the left when my neighbor, we'll call her Grandma, tickled my foot. You can't make this stuff up. It's true. I, of course, enjoyed that. I snickered at the thought of doing that to a neighbor in a non-geriatric class, a neighbor my age, I don't think it would have been taken so lightly.
All in all, the class was great, it only last about 50 minutes, but it was fun and well worth the ride.
By the way, I checked the schedule of events...and it was Advanced Yoga. And there is no Geriatric Yoga Class.

Oh and I do not know the person in the picture.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What is wrong with this thing?

So, I plug in my camera to download pictures and it will not work! I download the pictures to Brian's computer because the cord is connected to his tower, I have a laptop, so we like how permanent it is on his computer since we download often. I plug it in and nothing happens. I'm not real familiar with Brian's computer, but I've certainly done this before. I turn my camera on and off, on and off and nothing. After some brilliant investigating, I realized the cord I plug into the camera is the power cord, not the download cable. not too bright. At least I didn't wait until Brian got home to share my dilemma with him!

My kids love to watch Full House. It's so funny to see Uncle Jesse's mullet. Just think: back in 1988 he was a hunk of burnin' love!

Now to the pictures I just downloaded!

Giving eachother kisses. I can hardly take it!

Anna had the idea for both of them to wear sunglasses and for me to take a picture.
She's so smart!
Match much? Everyday, Anna gets her shirt wet at lunch, which means time for a new shirt. (note the name of my blog) This was her outfit today! She even layered! She was very proud and kept asking "do you love it, mama?"
Of course I said "yes!"

Noah drinking my water. He calls it milk. I love the way he looks at me when he is drinking. I had Brian take a picture to capture the moment.
I let Anna brush my hair. Or should I face. She kept brushing my hair across my face and then brushing my cheeks and nose. It was great. Obviously she thought the whole affair to be hilarious! (I did, too!)

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Extreme Makeover

Today, we paid Brian's 22 year old brother an undisclosed amount of money to shave his face. The paying parties were Brian's parents, his sister, Michelle and Brian and I.

Worth every penny.Before the "offer"

Just before


Done!! Fantastic!!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Incredible Shrinking Woman

I went to the doctor yesterday and the nurse measured my height, apparently I've lost an inch. I don't understand how I have gotten shorter. I've ALWAYS been 5' 7", now I'm 5' 6"? Should I change my driver's license? Where did that inch go? I miss it.

I have alot to blog about. Today we had a salesperson from 800.Basements come to our house for a consultation. They should have just shared the price with us over the phone to save a trip and save some time. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXPENSIVE. ridiculous. outrageous. Not going to happen.

Thank you Sara T. for the advice about Mozilla and dowloading pictures onto blogger! I downloaded it and I have already used it for this blog entry! I can totally see how much faster it is! THANK YOU!

I am so pleased that someone named "amy" made a comment on my blog the other day. I feel blessed that she shared her opinion of me being a mother, she knows SO much about my life that she most certainly has a place to make a judgement. (can you sense the sarcasm?) Here was her comment:
"Broke my heart to hear that the kids cry when you leave the room for bread. It sounds like they really need mommy time. The cleaning and gym can always wait, your children come first."
I was advised by my sisters to ignore the comment and I should, but I can't. It makes me crazy that people not only make judgements, but publicly criticize my life. I know it comes with the territory of having a blog, but what is it with people who think their opinion is THE WORD? Amy, thank you for reading my blog, truly, but my advice to you is to not be so quick to judge. If I spend more time with my kids I would come out of their ears. When I clean--they're with me. When I go to the gym--they're with me. When I poop--you betcha, they're with me. Now are you going to come back and tell me I need boundaries, if you won't, I'm sure somebody will!

Moving forward, I can now put in my contacts very quickly. Just one try!

I've attached pictures from the Bull's game last night. It was so great to get away with Brian for awhile. The Bulls won. It was interesting because they played the New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets last night. A two city name! Enjoy the pictures...enjoy your Sunday.

Who needs the Bulls when you've got live entertainment in the halls?!?!

Nosebleed. We were early. Can you tell by the empty seats?
Benny the Bull flying around.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Talk about multi-tasking

As I blog, I am folding laundry AND watching What Not to Wear. Is anyone else addicted to this show? I love it. I have the season pass on my Tivo in my bedroom. To other bloggers on blogspot, specifically Sara T who always has pictures on her entries, doesn't blogger suck sometimes when it comes to adding pictures?!?!!? I was going to blog yesterday, but it would not add pictures, so I quit. But, here I am...the trooper, trying again and it worked! (p.s. click on Sara's name to see her blog, you will pass out at how cute her son is. I'm serious)

Today, we spent the day at home rather than going to the gym. Which means a day to clean. I was in a tremondous cleaning mood, so it was wonderful! I actually put a gate up in Noah's doorway so I could clean his room without Anna and Noah's company. They were, of course, very interested in what I was doing and desperately wanted to enter, but they were forbidden! When I finished cleaning his room, they wanted in (still) and I put them in the room with the gate still up. I swear they played in there for 40 minutes! At that time I cleaned Anna's room. I was even able to clean the living room without interuption. I reorganized cabinets, washed rugs, did 7 loads of laundry, washed windows and cleaned my fish tank! I put the kids down for a nap and decided to do a yoga video I bought a long time ago. I even unwrapped it today. It's a video by Denise Austin called Fat Blasting Yoga. It was really hard and I'm really sore tonight. I'll never do it again. I hate her.

Tomorrow Anna and Noah will not see me too much, which they need considering tonight Anna cried like I was leaving for Korea for 2 years when I went downstairs to get bread out of the freezer. Brian's mom is coming over in the morning. I have a doctor's appointment, I'm going grocery shopping and going to the gym ALL BY MYSELF! I'll get home and put the kids to bed and then Brian and I are going to a Bull's game tomorrow night. I'm very excited for nachos and beer. :-) oh...and basketball. My niece is babysitting, she's so good to us.

I hope you enjoy the pictures!

After cleaning, before the chickens were released.

And after the chickens were released.

I love this picture. I wanted to add another picture of Anna looking up and Noah laughing, but blogger wouldn't let me add it. :-(

My cute little boy eating breakfast.
A completely potty trained girl!

Who needs a harley when we've got Little Tykes?


Anna giving Daddy a thumbs up while taking his McDonald's order.

I hit my 10% weight loss goal this past Wednesday. 20 lbs in 6 six weeks.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Nine Lives

My laptop has nine lives. This afternoon, I was finally sitting down, thoroughly enjoying my 4 point lunch, when Noah spilled my water on the keyboard of my laptop. scary stuff. My computer is only having a few gliches-so I guess I can't complain, yet. Trusty old girl, my laptop is!

There really isn't too much happening around here. I'm finding myself going nonstop all day long and when it's finally time to stop...I'm pooped! So, here I am, watching Idol, trying to catch up on my blog reading and blog writing and I'm doing a poor job of that!

I LOVED "Walk the Line." I am really shocked that Joaquin (sp) did not win an Oscar, I have always loved Reese Witherspoon, but Oscar-worthy??? I don't know. But, what do I know?! It was a great movie! I definitely recommend it.

This evening I attended my Mommy's Group. It was such a good time. I came home and the kids were still up! What the?? But, I had so much fun playing with them, they were very appreciative of my presence. :-)

I have another weigh-in tomorrow. I'm so nervous about this one because of my weekend away and Mommy's Group being tonight. I just hope I lost some weight and didn't gain....I will let you know! :-)

Sunday, March 19, 2006

We're back!

We are on our way back from our trip to Louisville to celebrate Ethan’s first birthday. Literally, I’m in the car writing this blog. Anna is FINALLY sleeping in the car, she never slept on the way here, but she has given in and is sleeping peacefully. Noah has already napped and is dancing and watching a video. Brian is driving (too fast) and downing Diet Dr. Peppers and I am blogging and listening to my new James Blunt CD. We just stopped in Indianapolis and bought it at Super Target. James Blunt performed on Oprah this past week. I watched his performance twice on Oprah at my sister’s, it was really good. My friend from high school, Amy F. watches Oprah, as well. I bring her up because recently on their family website, her husband, Mike, made up a word: oprahsuasion or oprahsuasive.
tr.v. To persuade someone, most likely a woman, into believing, buying, eating, reading or doing something that Oprah says is good.

It’s such a good word! And so true. Check out James Blunt and you may be oprahsuaded, too. Maybe Brian will link his performance for you to view, I really love this guy.

The weekend went well. The kids fell asleep in their designated beds Friday night. Noah in a crib that we brought down for Sarah’s baby #2 due in July and Anna in a full sized bed. I joined her later in the evening. Then Noah woke up at 3:45am, I heard him in the monitor that was in my room, which also meant Anna heard him, too. Noah was not happy. I don’t think he felt very secure. He, Anna and I were awake until after 7am. Then Anna slept until 10:15am and I woke Noah after 11am. They both took amazing 3 hour naps Saturday afternoon. Saturday evening went much better after enjoying a wonderful birthday party! Going away and being in someone else’s house is really difficult, especially with a 2 and a 3 year old. It’s was hard to keep them quiet, when Ethan was sleeping—nearly impossible and really frustrating. In hindsight, we should have just left their house with the kids just to simplify, but you live and learn.
Now we are home! We fed and bathed the kids and let them run and climb and play. They are in bed a half hour earlier, which NEVER happens—we need a break! We have completely unpacked from the trip and put the dirty clothes in the washer, now it’s like we stayed home all weekend. J We stopped on the way home and rented “Walk the Line”, so I’m going to watch that now!

I leave you with some pictures. I hope you enjoy!

I love this cake!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I did not go to the gym today and I'm not feeling good about it. It was a planned "day off" so I could clean my house. My house is now cleaner, but I would have like to have gone to the gym, too! The fact that I did not go to the gym, meant that I had better clean the house without any excuses. It was a slow start, but I accomplished so much today!

The great thing about my gym and my situation with taking the kids there is that I have to schedule my time there for childcare and if I don't show up or cancel, I get charged! It's really cool, because no matter how sore I am and tired--I go. During my yoga class yesterday I looked in the mirror and I noticed someone different. I didn't see the girl I saw just two weeks ago--the girl, who to me, looked like a bigger girl trying to do yoga once a week, slowly losing wieght. Yesterday I saw a thinner me, trying to stay in shape. I like that alot better. I attended a Weight Watcher meeting tonight and I lost 3 lbs this past week. 17 lbs total for 5 weeks. I'm pleased.

This weekend we are going out of town to celebrate my nephew, Ethan's birthday. It will be a semi-non weight watcher weekend, so I best watch myself! :-) I'm happy to report that Ethan is feeling so much better and is back to his hilarious self! We can't wait to celebrate with him and his parents. This weekend trip is a big deal for us. We have never gone out of town as a family of four! I'm excited. And prepared. I think. I keep buying things for the kids to do. New books to read, movies to watch, new markers and coloring books, playing cards. I just don't want them to get bored and make us crazy. I'm sure it's going to be a blast!

As far as AI is concerned: Bye Melissa! It was time for you to go! When will Kevin leave the show? Any guesses?

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

"Best tonight by a mile"

What Simon said about my boyfriend, Chris. I love him. I also love Taylor and Elliot and I like Katharine and Paris. But, Chris, forget about it. He's dreamy.

On a more serious note. I feel like my reality has been rocked once again. You know you start to feel safe and untouchable and lose touch of how lucky you are to be breathing that breath you are taking right now. Yes, that one. And that one. Allie always puts it into perspective. So do Nick, Daegen, Jacob, Wesley, Lacey, Haley, and Emerald. There are so many more. And many people that have touched my life personally as well. Tonight my heart breaks for someone I have never met who is in her 21st week of pregnancy. Today they learned terrible news about their unborn baby boy, that he has so many defects that he will either die shortly after birth or be severely mentally and physically disabled. We have been following her short journey since her first questionable ultrasound and nobody thought this would happen. My heart is broken for her. I AM SO THANKFUL for every ounce of good in my life. Every smile. Every tear. Every conversation. Every argument. Everything. I know they say everything happens for a reason, and in the end, I do believe that, but sometimes it just doesn't seem right. I just keep picturing her learning of her pregnancy and telling her son "guess what? Mommy's going to have a baby." And this is her fate. I can hardly stand the thought.

Please say a prayer for this mother, her husband and both of her boys.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


This morning was a challenge. Noah woke up at 6am. You read that right, SIX OH CLOCK. Unfortunately, with Noah, we have to cover his window with a blanket to help shield the light, because otherwise, he wakes up so early. We've been doing this for a long time, so last night I thought, maybe we don't need to do this anymore. I was wrong. I am tired of covering his window with a blanket, so I think we will look into some room darkening blinds. We all had to be awake at 7:30am for church. This was not an easy task considering I had slept for less than six and Brian slept for 4. (he stayed up way too late!) So, we all GROUCHILY (is that word?) got ready for church.

When we go to church, Brian and Noah head inside and I walk with Anna to another building for Sunday school. Noah is such a joy at church. He just sits so calm and enjoys the music and the crowd, when he turned 2 he was old enough to attend Sunday school, but we enjoyed his Sunday company so much, that we had decided to wait until next year, August, to enroll him. Well, due to his lack of sleep, he was not such a joy today. Therefore he is starting Sunday school next week! It's not that he cried or screamed, he just wanted to play and climb around and that is not what church is for, obviously. He and Anna will be attending the same class, Anna Helen Pletcher THREE is very excited about Noah going with her next week. I am a little sad, but we get to go to mass with both of them during the summer

We knew the day was just going to be more difficult because of all of us being so tired. So at 11am, we decided to take a short trip to Chicago. We had lots of fun! It was a little cold, but it was the perfect way to spend the day. Although, I should have stayed home to clean, I'm so glad we went. I think all of us are glad. Noah fell asleep for about 20 minutes on the way, which was just enough to get him through the day until his real nap time. Anna kept saying "there's the city!" Talking about Gary or some other area with lots of buildings. Finally she saw the city. She calls Chicago, Chitago. Very cute. She loved the buses and trains, the lake and the people. Both of the kids probably said hi to hmmm................50-60 people. Seriously, it was funny. They even said Hi to homeless people, which really taught me something about humans as we get older. To children, they don't see a difference in anyone, until they are TAUGHT to see a difference. They said "hi" to these people like they were old friends. "hi!! What's your name!?" They always replied politely with smiles. It's interesting that we can't even make eye contact, but Anna and Noah (any child) could have talked and played for hours without ever knowing the difference. We got home and 3pm. Anna woke up at 5:15pm. We had to drag Noah out of bed at 5:30, it was so hard to wake him up, poor tired boy!

Anyway, of course, I've attached pictures! Right now we are under a tornado watch until 6am. This system has produced multiple tornadoes today, I just heard over 100 reported from this system. For Christmas I asked my parents for a NOAA Weather Radio. They bought one for all six of us kids, so I feel so much better having that by my bed. I don't know if you recall, but late last November a tornado hit an area in Indiana in the middle of the night killing over 20 people. After that I knew I had to get one of these. You should get one, too.


The Magnificent Mile! Magnificent it is!

Notice the green river? Every year they dye the Chicago River green for St. Patty's Day. They did it this morning at 10am!

Heading back to the car with some goodies!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Life has taken another turn

My plan this morning was to head to my eye doctor's appointment before hitting the road to visit my sick nephew. On my way to my appointment, Sarah called and told me that Mike, her husband, was sick. I wasn't sure what to do with this information. On one hand, it made me want to drive faster and get to Louisville because I felt they may REALLY really need my help. On the other hand, I couldn't help but picture getting this virus and bringing it home to Anna and Noah. I couldn't stand the thought.
After consulting with many people and having a good conversation with Sarah. I turned the car around and headed back home.
I am the type of person who follows my heart, not so much logic. I think I am logical, but if my heart pulls me in a certain direction, I usually follow my heart. This time was different. I literally had to say to myself "don't follow your heart, be smart." And it was hard. I wanted so badly to be in Kentucky today. I had already had a heartbreaking goodbye with Anna and Noah, the worst was over, I was packed and ready to go. (did I say heartbreaking goodbye????? it broke in 2) But I came back home.

Sarah, Mike and the birthday boy Ethan are all at home. He's doing much better. Sarah is reporting "Ethan-like" behavior once again! The nurses brought Ethan a smash cake for his birthday. How great is that?! . Mike did end up with a fever of 101.4, hopefully he won't get the stomach flu that poor little Ethan had.

This morning at the hospital.

Ethan at home!!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Life has taken a turn

One year ago RIGHT NOW, I was experiencing some of the most amazing and memorable moments of my life. I was about to see my nephew enter the world. My sister Sarah asked my Mom and I to be in the labor room when she delivered her baby. Of course we were honored and of course, we said yes!
He was born on March 10th, 2005 at 1:51am. A beautiful baby boy, Ethan James has brought so much joy to our family and to his very attentive and loving parents. He even has a baby sister on her way in July!
This weekend Brian and I were planning a trip to Louisville with the kids to celebrate Ethan's birthday. We were going to leave tomorrow and return on Sunday. As a family of four, we have never gone away for a weekend, so I think we were all very much looking forward to this adventure and singing Happy Birthday to this Birthday Boy! Especially Anna!
Life has taken a turn that we did not expect. Ethan has been sick this whole week with the stomach flu and today was admitted to the hospital. He will be in the same hospital he was at one year ago on his birthday. poor boy. poor Mom and poor Dad. My heart breaks for them, you know how excited you get for your child's birthday, but I know by this time next week, everything will return to normal as we get ready to celebrate with this healthy one year old!

Tomorrow I am driving to Louisville to try to help out. They are hoping Ethan will be released tomorrow, but nothing has been decided yet. He was very dehydrated, he seems to be on the mend, drinking lots of pedialyte, he's also on IV fluids.

Say a little prayer! I've attached some pictures!


So cute at Christmas!

A picture taken last weekend!

Sarah when she was dilated 9 centimeters!

We've got Baby!!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What are the chances?

Notice my last three blogs have titles that are questions. interesting.

I am really sore. Doing yoga in a class is completely different than doing yoga at home. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my AM yoga video, I think it has made me 1000 times more flexible than I had ever thought I could be, but man, yoga classes actually make it difficult for me to walk. My abs were given a great workout. Which is good, but oh, so painful! I am proud to say that even though I am still sore, I still walked for 44 minutes on the treadmill--2.5 miles.

Anyway, back to my question.

What are the chances?

This morning, I was in the childcare room dropping off the kids at the gym when I ran into an old friend from grade school. Grade school. I grew up with her, she lived in my neighborhood, her name is Tasha. We talked. She actually works in the childcare room. Shortly there after, while walking on the treadmill, I saw my 5th grade teacher, Mr. Sennett working out at the gym. Tasha and I BOTH had Mr. Sennett in fifth grade. I was the "president" of his class and she was the "vice president." All of this happened within 30 minutes of eachother. In a town 25 minutes away from where I grew up. Isn't that strange? What are the chances?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What is it about this hat?

Can I tell you how much I LOVE my gym?? I love it. I took another yoga class today, I only take it once a week because that is the only time they have yoga for beginners. In 2 weeks, they are ending the beginners class, so my yoga classes will become even more challenging, which is SO hard to believe.
After my yoga class I walked to a trainer that I have an appointment with on Thursday, which was by the child care room. Of course I looked into the child care room and notice Anna wearing a homemade green shamrock hat. She made it at the gym, I love the crafts they do while I work out, it's working out so well! Well, let's just say it's hardly been off of her head ever since. She wore it during lunch. Directly after her nap. During dinner. Brian took the kids to the grocery store because I had a conference call, you guessed it, she wore it the entire time they were gone, even at the store! She's so funny. Here are some pictures!

Noah tried it on!

Anna watching Noah is dismay that he is wearing her hat! It did not stay on his head for long!

All day.

And a cute picture. :-)

Monday, March 06, 2006

Who is better than Better than Ezra?

I want to share something that happened to my brother, Dan, recently. He lives in the outskirts of New Orleans with his wife and two sons. (and they are expecting their 3rd child in August.) In 2005 and 2006, Dan and Teresa were invited to attend The Bacchus Ball. It's an honor to be invited. Well, this year, Dan lost his Blackberry at the ball. The day after the ball he tried to call the blackberry to try to locate it and nobody answered it. He just assumed it was swept up with the trash. Nope. Someone found it. And the person that found it called Dan's boss--a full bird Colonel in the military, his boss said he wasn't going to deal with this and he passed the call to his secretary. They finally figured out whose blackberry it was, so a driver from the Corp, located the person who found the blackberry. Who found the blackberry? A band member from Better than Ezra. How cool is that? They performed at The Bacchus Ball. They found the blackberry, checked to see who the last call was made to, called that person and then made arrangements for it to be picked up. so cool. so nice.

Know what else is cool? In 2005, Sean Astin was the Monarch (leader?) of the parade at the Bacchus Ball. He saw Dan down in the crowd and pulled him up onto his lead float. They went around in the parade route multiple times. They figured out that Dan grew up about 30 minutes away from Sean's wife's hometown. They talked for a long time. This year, Sean was at the ball again and immediately recognized Dan again telling him how often he's thought of Dan throughout the past year. so cool. so nice.

I think it's really cool though, that Sean Astin had the honor to meet my brother, Dan.

Here's some pictures from the 2005 Ball.

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