Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Damn right I got the blues.

Thanks, Buddy Guy, for the perfect words for the title of this entry. I owe you, man.

So, yeah, I'm a little blue. Brian and I just returned home from our sixth annual outing to Nashville, In. We ate, drank, SHOPPED and slept. And by God, it was awesome. awesome. I have the blues because it's over. I always get sad the day after, every year I am sad. This year is different because I didn't purchase anything amazing. I buy ALOT of home decor from this town and most things are things that people comment on when they come to my house, in fact, it's odd when people don't make a compliment. (they're jealous, I know.)
just kidding. no i'm not.

Anyway, this time around was different. I couldn't make a decision. There were three things I wanted...badly, but I didn't know if I loved them. Well, 2 things I didn't, one thing I did and I didn't figure it out until today. Now my blues are deeper than usual. P.S. I did ask Brian if I could call the store and have them ship the (large) item to me...he said we'd talk about it later. he's a good guy.

So, we are back in town. I am back to the same old grind with the chickens, they're a little unruly, which is to be expected, but now they are sleeping. I was going to clean and catch up on e-mails, but then I saw Madonna was on Oprah today, so I better check that out. What? I LOVE. love. love. love LOVE. Madonna. Sorry, I do. Ever workout to her last album? Don't knock it until you try it, girl. I'm going to watch Oprah, in the afternoon, that's it. I've already washed and folded four loads of laundry today (and put them away!) and cleaned my kitchen, including my sink with Comet. I deserve a little R&R with two wonderful woman, Oprah and Madonna. I'll let you know how it goes.

Yes, I have lots of pictures from this weekend. I shall share. After Oprah and Madonna.

I have no idea why the font is funk-d-fied, no idea.


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