Thursday, December 14, 2006

Great coffee and free donuts.

I have a problem. I go to Dunkin Donuts maybe once a week.* I order a large coffee with extra cream. This habit was created back in August and only when a Weight Watcher weigh in is approaching, do I pass on my coffee. (with the extra cream it's approximately 6-8 points per cup) Well, apparently, we have acquired a friend who works at Dunkin' Donuts. It started a little while ago when my children would yell "hi!" to the gentleman taking my money and delivering my coffee to me. He at first just waved. Then after a few more enthusiastic "hellos" by my children, he finally started to respond with actual words. The first time he spoke Anna about had a heart attack, we were barely out of hearing range when she exclaimed "Mom! The boy with the brown face said hi to me!!" A little over a month ago, he started giving us munchkins. You know, the little balls of glazed heaven that melt in your mouth and attach themselves to my thighs and ass. He would only give us four, which was great, except, Noah doesn't eat munchkins. Therefore I would eat 2 and Anna would devour 2. It's SO nice of him to just give us the little balls of glazed heaven, but, a girls got to watch what she eats and if you throw four balls of glazed heaven into her hands...she's gonna eat em'. quickly.

Today, he crossed the line. He actually took out a bag. I saw it happening before my eyes. I said "holy shit, no! no bag. no bag. Please don't let the bag be for us." It was. A bag full of little balls of glazed heaven that this time, will stick to my stomach, arms, thighs and ass. But damn, they were good. And free.

*I go to Dunkin' Donuts 3-4 times a week.



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