Monday, June 12, 2006


It's amazing how ones appreciation for children grows once you have children. It's amazing how much larger that appreciation grows when another child dies.

Jacob Duckworth
, lost his battle to cancer. One of the most amazing fighters I have ever come across in my life, lost this battle, he was six years old. Just like so many others in the Friends of Allie community I am devestated by this loss of life. I never thought the day would come where we would see his death, to me he was a living, breathing miracle, a beautiful boy so full of life and love.
Jacob's mother taught me how to have faith no matter what is going on in your life. Faith will get you through. Faith will provide you with answers. Faith will lead you to love. Faith will give you a full life. I have always believed in God, I have always believed in a Higher Power. I go to church. My children are baptized. My children will attend a private, catholic school. But through every mass I have sat through in my life, every book on religion I have read, every catechism class I have attended, nothing as taught me more about religion, God, Faith and the Power of Believing more than Jacob's Mom, Heather. I hope someday she will figure out what her journaling has done for not just me, but for so many others. My life is changed forever.

-Continuing to FROG, today and forever.


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