Monday, May 29, 2006

One Hundred

This is my 100th entry.

This weekend was a great weekend filled with family and food. On two seperate occasions I had (alot) of ice cream. I've had brats, chips, cookies, Little Debbie Nutty Bars, biscuits and gravy, french toast, and spaghetti, just to name a few things. I went a little nuts. The good news is that I am completely full and hopefully will never eat again! :-)

My sister, Sarah, her husband and their little one, Ethan came to visit this weekend. It was great to spend such quality time with them. She's expecting a girl in July, so we don't think they'll see Anna and Noah again until September or perhaps Thanksgiving, so we tried to cram in as much quality time as possible. It was lots of fun. I have some pictures to share.

And do I even need to mention the heat?? I LOVED it. I don't know why, heat is typically something I can not tolerate, but this heat I really enjoyed and appreciated. There is (was) definitely something wrong with our central air, we think we fixed it. It was really warm in our house, despite our best efforts, it's finally much better in here. (quite cold, actually!)

Oh, and the kids are sick again. I'm getting really tired of this. I know it's because of the child care at the gym. I can't help but think that I am risking their health for a healthier me, it doesn't seem fair, I'm feeling really selfish about this situation and I'm not sure how to remedy it. I just wish people would stop bringing their sick kids in. Oh wait, I guess I'm bringing mine in tomorrow. See???? It's a vicious cycle.

By the way, I'm still watching Grey's Anatomy, 8 episodes down from season one, 1 more episode to go. It's just awesome.

Noah shooting some hoops. He's very athletic.

Anna enjoying the summer weather by the koi pond. Can you tell she was posing.

A very happy boy heading to Grandma's house!

Anna LOVES TO PLAY IN WATER. She has always been this way. Some kids would get so upset if their Mom started spaying them with the hose (Noah) but Anna says "do it again." We played for a long time. She's loves water. We were at my Mom's house, so we didn't have a bathing suit. I guess you don't need one after all!


Cooling off with some chocolate ice cream!

Mommy sprayed me. In my defense, I never directly sprayed him, sometimes the drops just fell on him, other times he would run towards the water accidentally.

Ethan dancing and Noah watching.

Sarah: due July 31st
Happy boy.

This picture was taken last Wednesday right before I took the kids to Wal-Mart. Anna put on a hat and Noah said "I want a hat" so Anna, the fashion genious she is, gave him one and put it on him. They posed for me and he promptly removed his pink hat. Anna proceeded to Wal-Mart wearing the hat.

Anna posing with mittens on this morning.


  • At 5/30/2006 06:07:00 AM, Blogger Tracy said…

    sounds like a great weekend. Your sister looks great. Are you sure she isn't just hiding a basketball? That little one is just sitting right there!

    Emma is the same way with hats and of course Timmy usually follows along! I love the pictures and you explaination about how Noah got wet.

    Do you have a Koi pond? I think that would be so cool to have one. I am just afraid that Timmy would want to be in it with the fish.

  • At 5/30/2006 10:30:00 AM, Blogger Penny said…

    Abby was wearing a hat yesterday. so funny.. I am sooo glad it was not THAT hot here this weekend.. It got in the 80s and i was wayy too hot.

  • At 5/30/2006 01:06:00 PM, Blogger Mich said…

    I love the pics...too cute! They are getting soooo big!

    Think of bringing them to the gym as a way to build their immunity--it has to happen sometime!! (it happens to EVERY new student at school if it's their first group experience)I hope that they feel better soon---again!


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