Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sucky blogger

I'll admit it. I've been a sucky blogger lately. But it's not my fault. It's everybody elses! :-)

First of all, I love Jenn B. OMG. She has taught me how to add pictures to blogger sooo quickly and easily. THANK YOU, JENN!! That is why there will be 30 pictures added to this post and it didn't take me 3 hours. I hope you like it!

We have been so busy, just like everyone, summer seems to do that to people. Saturday, we celebrated one of my best friend's daughter's birthday. She turned 2. The party started at 2 and it last until 10pm. We stayed until 9:30pm. The day ended with a great fireworks show, I wanted to stay and watch them to see how the kids reacted to them this year. Let's just say Anna hid under the table! LMAO. Noah finally had it after a few minutes.

On Sunday, we woke up nice and early for my nephew's birthday party in Michigan, over 3 hours away. We have never visited my sister there, so we thought this was a great opportunity to do so! Man are we glad we did! We had a blast. The kids were amazing in the car, watching movies and reading books. Brian drove there, while I made bracelets for a Friends of Allie fundraiser, it was great. We got there and just had the best time. Their entire yard is fenced in, so it was freedom for the kids and we brought their bikes, which Noah appreciated, but Anna just wanted to play dress up the whole time! Brian had a great time because he could play basketball, ride a 4 wheeler (for the first time) and drink beer. If there had been a stripper there I'm certain he would have declared that the best day of his life.

We didn't leave until 6pm, because we were having such a good time, we got home late, but the next morning the first question Anna asked was "are we going to Missionigan?" Very cute.

So, I may not have alot to say right now, but I do have lots of pictures to share with you! I promise not to be a sucky blogger anymore! (I'm almost done with Grey's Anatomy!) Thanks for checking in!

Noah at the birthday party on Saturday. This was his first moment of fully getting a grasp of what was ahead of him. A bounce house, pool toys and a massive fenced in back yard.


Jumping and then sliding! This was the best bounce house we had seen, especially for smaller toddlers. It's from Little Tykes.

On to the first water toy of the day!

I love this picture. My little baby boy is growing up.

The birthday girl. Fiona. Her party was an asian themed party, hence the reason why she is wearing a beautiful red kimono.


still yummy.

Now onto water toy #2. Noah is not the type of child who enjoys getting wet, but with this toy, he had a blast. It's a sprinkler toy rocket thingy by Discovery Toys. We ordered one from the consultant that was there. We can't wait to get it! Brian and I have never seen a cooler water toy and Noah enjoyed it so much, how could we not!? Anna loved it, too. This was after we thought he was done with his swim trunks, hence the reason why he has clothes on...luckily I brought a second outfit.

sooo wet!

Anna's turn to control the rocket shower!

Here's me playing with my 17 year old niece on Sunday in Missionigan.

A little more stable.

Me on a four wheeler. The scariest moments of my life.

Anna's turn.

I love french braids, but I have no idea how to do them. Here is Anna's Aunt Lori putting one in her hair, while Anna sipped on lemonade. It was a very summery moment on the front porch. :-)

Anna and her good friend and cousin Jenna (5). We surprised the girls with matching outfits. Anna and I picked hers out on Friday at Target, of course, and I called my sister, Amy, Jenna's mom on Saturday and she happened to be at Target. I said "you should get Jenna the same outfit!" So, she figured out which shirt and shorts just from my description! Amy's so smart! We didn't tell them, they loved it. Anna is just pure silly in this picture!

Very hot with spiked hair...compliments of Amber.

Noah and Amber.

Birthday boy. Jeremy!!

So happy with this gift. Brian picked it out, it's a monster golf club. It's hilarious. LOL. Brian loved it. I think he wants one.

I am so fond of this picture. from left to right, bottom: Jenna, Anna and Emily (Lori's daughter) Top: left to right: Amber, (Amy's daughter), Amy, Beth, my Mama and Lori, my sister. We are just missing my younger sister, Sarah who lives in Louisville and who is pregnant with her girl, she's 35 weeks pregnant!

After a long two days, finally a time to rest! (this last about 20 minutes!)

Equally tuckered out.

We served the kids fast food in their car seats for the first time ever on the ride home, it was sooo late. I think they enjoyed their car seat picnic!

Here's a picture of the kids at a different birthday party last Monday. (so many parties!) I love how old they look sitting at their own table eating.

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  • At 6/28/2006 04:03:00 PM, Blogger Sara T said…

    FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!! Don't ever let it go so long again Missy!!!

    HOLY CRAP ON A STICK! That is ALOT of pictures. Too bad Jenn's cool idea reads like stereo instructions to me. LOL! And I thought I was a crazy picture taker...I compare nothing to you two. LOL!!

    You all have been doing some serious partying!! I love it! So fun!!! I love big get together's. And WOW did your sister throw an AWESOME kid party!!

    It looks like you all had such a blast!!! I love Noah's look when realizing how much fun stuff there was to do. Too dang CUTE!! He looks so huggable!!

    Oh and I totally LAUGHED OUT LOUD about Brian's almost best day of his life if there was a stripper. Thank goodness I was drinking anything...that would have went everywhere!

    I loved all the pictures! Way to go Jenn for instructions!! Now it looks like I might have to just learn it. I can't be the only one without a gazillion pictures!! LOL!!

    Don't ever let your blog go so long again! Some of us count on it to get them thru their work day. But not me. Someone else.


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