Thursday, July 27, 2006

Deep Fried Fantastic

It's been SO long since I blogged! WOW! Not much going little sister is still waiting patiently to deliver a baby girl......any day now...any moment...

This past week I hosted Mommy's Group and it was FUN! I decided to serve Margaritas and was about to go downstairs to retrieve my trusty blender when I remembered I won a Professional Smoothie maker last year! It was still downstairs in the box it was shipped in! It was awesome. And the margaritas were DEELISH! Along with the rest of the drinks, too! Thanks, Lynette! Tomorrow night I am going to dinner with friends to celebrate a birthday and I am so incredibly excited.

Tonight we had severe storms and flash flooding. We even had a tornado warning, thank goodness for the basement. We believe it stopped raining for now! Thank goodness!

I'm off to watch TV! Thanks for checking in!

Here is Anna wanting to look like her Mommy after a shower.

Last week we went to one of the county fairs in the area. My Mom and I took the kids for their first time. They really enjoyed it.

Of course, Anna had issues with the smell.

This goat had a cup stuck to his jaw. Poor goat. (reminds me of the Adam Sandler skit about the goat.)

This was Noah reacting to cars racing. Obviously he loved it. What I love MOST about this picture is the kid (who we don't know) geniunely enjoying Noah's reaction. and they're both wearing orange tank tops.

Heaven. Deep. Fried. Reese's cups. word to yo mutha.

Anna and her cousin and her aunt celebrating my Mom's birthday. We decided we are getting Anna's hair cut. Hopefully this weekend.

Noah enthusiastically singning Happy Birthday!!

This picture almost makes me uncomfortable. Brian doesn't stand next to animals. Even fake ones.

This picture made both Brian and I uncomfortable. Is this the creepiest looking elf thing you have ever seen? And look! His buttons are unbuttoned. What the hell?

Here we saw a kid being arrested, he was kissing his crying girlfriend goodbye. Too bad it's blurry.

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  • At 8/04/2006 01:48:00 AM, Blogger Jenn said…

    Mark brought Jose on vacation with us! It got better reviews than our restaurant which is known for the best margaritas in town.

    More great pictures of Anna, Noah, and life in Pletchertown. Have you seen Cars yet? I bet Noah would love it!


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