Tuesday, November 14, 2006

All systems go?

I feel strangely prepared for my trip to NY tomorrow. Laundry is done, house is clean, my "to do" list of 45 things is almost completely scratched off. Could it be? Have I finally figured out how to truly prepare for a trip? And I will tell you...it's not easy being responsible for everything and going out of town. Not only am I responsible for the events taking place with me, I'm also responsible for the events taking place when I'm not even home. hmmmph. doesn't seem right, does it? Tonight, while I was cleaning Race Car's closet, Brian came looking for me, he found me on the floor in the closet straightening books. He didn't really understand why I was tiding up. What he needs to understand is what it would look like come Friday night when I return home, what it will look like if I did not tidy up. oh, the horror.

You may hear from me while in NY, but it's doubtful, I do plan to pay for internet access from the room, but I could very well change my mind. I have acquired a shadow. A shadow named "Anna" who is fully aware of my New York departure. She says things like "but Mom, I just love you, please don't go so far away." She followed me all night as if I was going to sneak out of a window with my suitcase. It will feel strange leaving the house without my shadow right behind me. :-(


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