Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Excuse me, is this my child?

Do you ever have days where you child seems different? I speak of Anna today. We woke up just fine, very cheery and very excited about breakfast. We started to get dressed and I told her we were going to her friend, Carson's house to play! (Carson is my very good friend, Lynette's son...he and Anna were both born on 1.25.03!) Other children were going to be there and she was THRILLED!

It was a fantastic play date. At one point we had 8 children there, all 3 years old or younger and it could not have gone better. It was time to leave and everything was fine until we were almost home and Anna asked me to hand her something that I could not reach because, well, I was driving! I said "not right now, honey, Mommy is driving." And she cried so hard. Not typical for this child.

She proceeded to cry alot. It was definitely nap time, so we were getting ready for bed and she turned around quickly and ran right into the wall, hitting her little forehead. I then picked up the blanket she dropped, started to stand and step forward at the same time and ran my forehead into the same wall. (at that moment, I knew I would mention it in my blog!) She then hit her hand one something. All these injuries to add fuel to the fire. Anna is a great sleeper, she never fights it. Until today. She didn't just fight it, she just wanted to keep hugging and kissing me. It was very strange, like she was desperate for me not to leave her side. I finally talked her into sleeping by letting her sleep with her Sunshine Carebear. (funshine bear?) She slept about 2 hours. She woke up behaving the same way.

I had decided to attend my first Weight Watchers meeting tonight. So, Brian came home, we ate dinner, chatted a bit and I grabbed my coat and my purse and she yelled "I come with you." I explained that I was going to a meeting, but I would be right back and she said "hug and kiss." (which is very typical) However, I would hug and kiss her and normally she would turn around and busy herself with something else, but tonight as soon as we hugged and kissed she would want another and another and another and another. I find it to be very irritating that I was irritated with all of the hugs and kisses from my child, but I couldn't help it. So, I did the cold, awful (but correct!) thing and left. I swear on everything holy, that I could hear her screaming while in my van out side of the garage as I was pulling out. According to her father, she threw a horrible, terrible, outrageous tantrum for over 15 minutes. Not typical. Since Noah watches and mimicks everything Anna does, I'm sure he'll do the same tomorrow. how exciting.

Anyway, she continued this behavior after I got home and until she fell asleep, I would try to leave her bed and she would leap up and wrap her arms around my neck and kiss me 15 times asking me to stay, but I knew I couldn't stay. So, she fell asleep with her bedroom door slightly open. (it's usually closed)

I can never understand why a child changes their behavior. I suppose I'm supposed to think she was being naughty and that I should have punished her, but I couldn't. What if there was something more. An insecurity that she can't verbalize, or perhaps an intuition. Or was she so tired from playing so hard with her friends that she just couldn't function properly. Maybe she is getting sick.

One thing for sure is that I just wish she knew how hard it was to leave her room tonight. I easily could have laid in bed with her, while she held my hand and played with my hair. How easy that would have been.

Tomorrow is a new day.


  • At 2/09/2006 08:43:00 AM, Blogger Tracy said…

    It is crazy, CRAZY how are children turn on a dime to a possessed child. Like something has oversome them. While reading your post, I immediately was wondering if she feared losing you for some reason. Like maybe another child mentioned something, or she overheard something, or saw something on TV. Emma has those insecurities at times also. They drives me nuts, but they are real. Anna and Noah are so LUCKY to have such a wonderful mom.

  • At 2/09/2006 08:44:00 AM, Blogger Tracy said…

    Please disregard the grammar errors and any spelling errors. I need to spell check.

  • At 2/09/2006 10:33:00 AM, Blogger christy said…

    Like Tracy, I also had a feeling while reading your post. Maybe she is not feeling well. BJ gets VERY clingy and emotional when he is sick. Could she have an ear infection maybe? I mention that because of the running into the wall thing. EI can cause you to lose your balance. I'm not sure what your excuse is unless you have one too ;-)

  • At 2/09/2006 11:36:00 AM, Blogger Penny said…

    i have heard Beth that the 3's are worse then the 2's sorry Beth.. What happends as they get older is they understand more and they are also 'testing' you now that they realize what testing is LOL. 3 year old are simply too smart for thier own good. Just be consistant and it will be year a year in no time.. oh wait Noah.. Un close your eyes and it wil be two year later in no times.. Enjoy Three Beth it can be hard but also very rewarding :)

  • At 2/10/2006 01:43:00 PM, Blogger Sara T said…

    OMG! I am going thru the same thing!!!!! WOW!
    I totally TOTALLY understand what you mean about why they are crying and kissing on you like that. I just have to think that they know we are about to leave and don't want us to. Which in itself is the sweetest thing. It really is the HARDEST to leave when they do that. You are such a wonderful mom! You did the best thing for them...of course its the hardest on you. Breaks your heart. But you don't want to create insecurities. Hugs sweetie!!!

    I am so proud of you for going on to the WW meeting! look great to me! :)


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