Friday, July 28, 2006

My eyes are burning

My eyes are burning, contacts irritate me. Sometimes I feel like my eyes are flat and my contoured contacts are trying to grab onto them. It's irritating. I have a headache. and it's so hot outside I want to vomit.

Don't get me wrong, I'm in a good mood, I just wanted to get the bitching out of the way. ah... I feel better.

At 10:48am today, I was in my mini-van, driving away from home by myself, thanks to my MIL. I had a great time, but I spent too much money. I'm thinking about divorcing Target. I think I'm going to go 1 month without going there to see if I actually have more money in my checking account, I think I will. I hope Brian doesn't read this, he may hold me to it. (he knows just how addicted I am to that stupid store. God, I love it.) I came back home at 2pm. Over 3 solid hours of solitude. I went to Old Navy, DSW, Office Max (to return my easel, LMAO!), Pier One, Value City Furniture, Taco Bell and Target. I need coffee.

And I can't stop eating EL Fudge sandwich cookies..............


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