Saturday, July 29, 2006

Stop talking SO loud....

Supposedly, if you have a sour stomach after a night of heavy drinking, you are supposed to eat copious amount of grease. I'm not sure why, I will not question the theory, I shall only following directions. Brian is on his way home with 2 breakfast burritos from McDonald's right now. Brian got his haircut this morning with my new hairstylist, I schedule the appointment last Friday. What was I thinking scheduling his haircut after a night of my drinking? I'm a fool. Surprisingly, I am feeling OKAY. Just okay. Sleep was a little rough, in particular when I laid down on the bed and laid on my side and the bed started spinning and jumping all throughout the bedroom. I then laid on my back and covered my eyes with my arm.

Here is what I know about last night:
  • Our dinner was delicious, but our waitress was not. She forgot to bring me more bread and our dessert menu.
  • We first walked into a bar that I had been to in the past. When I was there before, it was filled with younger people and was lively and smokey. When we (three girls in their upper 20's) walked in last night, a line of mullets sitting casually with a smoke in one hand and a rum and coke in the other, all turned their mullets towards us, simultaneously. It was unnerving and scary and smokey. And we left.
  • We found, after walking and then driving, another bar and it rocked my world.
  • I know I played the air drums too much.
  • I know I danced to people like Nelly, (the guys with the perpetual cut on his face, poor guy), Ying Yang, Eminem and Nate Dogg singing about asses, of course, and I also danced to Twisted Sister, Stevie Wonder, John Mellencamp and Prince. Ah...Prince, you rock my world. Just ask the guys in the booth behind me.
  • When I say danced, I mean sitting in the booth dancing....playing my air drums.
  • I met Tequila Rose shots. Twice. They taste like Strawberry Milkshakes. They cost more than my shoes.
  • I learned that you can give your credit card to your booby waitress and they will keep a tab open for you. They're so nice!
  • I know I drank alot of beer. I know I thought it was the schiznit. It was like drinking ice water.
  • I learned that one of the girls I was with is freakishly strong and can do the running man...sober.
  • I know the other girl likes country. There was a song about a redneck girl and it was awful and you had to yell "hell ya." Not Cute.
  • The other thing I know....too many pictures were taken.


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