Monday, February 13, 2006

Rule breaker

I was on the phone with my sister during nap time today, when all of a sudden I heard Anna's door open. She walked out of her room like it was nobody's business. I almost think she forgot about the rule and that she was dreaming about something that made her out of sorts, because when I got very stern with her about it she became genuinely upset. When Anna gets really upset her whole mouth turns upside down and she tries so hard not to cry. We'll see if it happens again.

Noah is feeling much better. After my last blog we got Noah out of bed. We had given him Tylenol at 10pm and Kie syrup at 10:30pm. Around midnight I realized our doctor had prescribed something for the kids when they get colds to take at nighttime, it helps them sleep. So, Brian called the pharmicist to see if it could be mixed with Kie syrup and the pharmicist replied "well Kie syrup typically keeps kids awake." So, there you go. That's why he couldn't sleep. We were told to give him the nighttime medicine at 1am. It was really hard staying up, I was so tired. But Noah and I just snuggled on the couch watching Baby Galileo while I drifted in and out of sleep. I liked it. I laid him down awake at 1:15am and he feel asleep without a problem. He woke up 5 times after that, but who is counting? What matters is that he is feeling better and sleeping better!

Today is Valentine's day. We typically do not do much, but we kinda did today. I woke up this morning to a v-day card on the table from Brian. Anna, Noah and I ventured to Target this morning because Anna was promised more Sweet Streets if she would actually go #2 in the potty and she did last night for the firs time! What an accomplishment. We are very proud. We went to Target and had fun. We then had a playdate at Brian's Mom's house with their Aunt Michelle and cousin Megan, who live in Indianapolis. There, the kids exchanged v-day gifts and ate beautiful V-day cupcakes, made my Grandma! They looked wonderful! I didn't have one!
After Brian got home, we ate dinner and then we sat on our bed and the kids opened the scads of v-day cards they received through the family and little gifts from Brian and I. Brian also got me roses and Swedish Fish. (zero fat---very clever!) I got Brian a CD and some cherry Kit Kats. They are to die for, hurry and buy them while the stores still have them. They are a Valentines special!
Now I leave you with pictures. Thank you for reading my blog, I really appreciate it.

Anna with her new Sweet Streets.

My boy that I love.

Anna in her new digs. This outfit was a little gift to her for keeping her undies dry while we had dinner at Brian's parent's house. First time ever going out without a diaper.
Bethie holding a candle she got for her birthday from her niece Amber, who is seventeen. Isn't she the sweetest? She really is. On my actual Birthday she also gave me Yankee Candle votives. I love her, too.

Anna in her scivvies.
Busy on the phone with Amber.


  • At 2/15/2006 02:33:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Okay, you so deserve the 7 pound loss for resisting Valentine's Day cupcakes! You're too good.

  • At 2/15/2006 03:11:00 PM, Blogger Penny said…

    OMG beth that last picture of you.. you look amazing :) Those are such cute picture of you kids.. adorable :)

  • At 2/15/2006 07:46:00 PM, Blogger christy said…

    You do look amazing in the last picture!!

    The kids are so cute. I love the one of Anna in her undies! What a big girl.

    And what is Kie syrup? Never heard of it. . .


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